Style your Navaratan Jewelry

Style your Navaratan Jewelry

Navaratan jewelry is now and trending; colorful, radiant and a true show of elegance this category of jewelry is finding its’ way into every girls’ jewelry box. The best part of Navaratan jewelry is that you don’t need to pick just one stone, you can have an array of nine gems to sparkle with it. Navaratna is a Sanskrit term which means “nine gems”. Each gem represents one celestial entity and the combination of these nine gems in one piece of jewelry is both auspicious and powerful according to various South-East Asian religions. The gems that constitute Navaratan jewelry are: Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye.  


Navratan Jewelry

Wondering how to make so many colors and gems work with your outfit? Here are our Top 5 styling tips for your favorite Navaratan jewelry 



Art of Making Kundan  Jewelry by Fashion Empire Studio

 Each stage of the process is specialized and has its own extended time-frame. This also means a different crafter with skills to match deals with each stage. Since copper is the basic layer on which stones are set, the process begins with creating a thin copper sheet. The crafter gets the thin sheet by beating copper into this shape. They then fill it with lac (or lakh). Lac being a natural tree sap the precious stones go onto them, set using hot coal. To increase hold and beauty, the crafter pours (or rather inserts) melted copper into the sides using a fine stick-like tool. As for jewelry frames, these are made Designed By Master Craftsmen. Based On Indian beautiful Jewelry with a touch of the a contemporary art. on the side based on whether the piece is a necklace, pendant or earring. The crafter welds these frames to the base using copper. What follows is cleaning, washing and removal of dark welding spots. Handmade item

Materials: Copper

Gemstone: Emerald

Closure: Screw

Chain style: Bead

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How is Kundan Different From Regular Jewelry Making


The stages are similar to a lot of different jewelry making methodologies. However, the technique is very different. Kundan jewelry uses the ancient Kundan kari technique. This refers to the art of making exquisite pieces by setting precious and semi-precious stones in silver or gold. Gold is almost always the preferred choice. Meenakari is a form of engraving, a crafting skill that’s as magical as it is uncommon. This engraving on metal adds to the intricacy and allure of Kundan jewelry. The whole process is hand crafted handmade handprinted Jadau Kundan Emerald stone, making it indeed a valuable and glorious artform. This is very Designer Necklace Set, Its A Choice Of Many Bollywood Celebrities.


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