Fashion Empire's Traditional Handmade Indian Jewellery

Fashion Empire's Traditional Handmade Indian Jewellery

If you are new and want to know about our online store, so you have to note that I’ve been a bit obsessed with Indian kundan jewellery . I’ve had the privilege to style and adorn such stunning works of art and I just can’t seem to get enough. So here I am to share my collection with you all, introducing you to a new brand in the market –  FASHION EMPIRE. Beautiful workmanship, both contemporary and traditional designs – what I had fun doing the most was styling their jewellery with 2 very non-traditional looks. Because you should be able to wear your jewellery out of wedding functions too! One very sexy, casual look and the other a simple, chic look – both western. A gold plated kundan choker necklace with a red lehenga? YES.PRETTY.PLEASE! I’d love to know which of these looks you like more. Cheers!

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